Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Won't Want To Miss This...

The Sail of King Gale
         Aboard the Sea Hog, King Hale, who ruled over Narnia, was getting ready for a sail. His destination was the Lone Islands. While loading up provisions, James Carpenter informed the king that there was a green dragon, with teeth like Ginsu knives named Z-bo holding the people captive. Sadly, James added that he ate three quarters of the people and their best chance would be assassinate the malevolent dragon while he was napping. So the king counted out his one hundred and fifty most trusted men, because of the warning James had given him. They set sail the next morning.
There was no wind that day, nor the next, nor the day after that so their going was slow. Going was worse the next day because a thick, heavy fog came in that allowed them to see no more than five feet in front of them. Three days later while they sailed it hailed and they ran into some pirates, who were lying in wait for a mate. Suddenly pirates attacked! Swarms of pirates came onto the deck and there was a fierce and bloody battle on board that included many a red sword. King Hale slashed his sword on all sides, defeated many pirates, and yelled so loud he created a gale in which the pirates decided to bail. The Narnians defeated the pirates on deck and on board it looked like a train wreck. That’s how King Hale became King Gale but that’s not the end of his very long sail. Within a fortnight they ran into a fright, all the Lone Islands were alight. It was the flames that Z-bo had made but they found a survivor in a cave. The survivor told them ‘bout Z-bo the beast, who howled and yelled and gnashed his teeth. King Gale of course was a courageous man who devised a very ingenious plan. He stole inside the dragon’s cave, because of his friends he wanted to save. He crept along the costly bed ‘til he reached the dragons head. The dragon changed his snoring note while King Gale had a lump in his throat. King Gale drew out his shiny sword and killed the dragon on his hoard.
         King Gale liberated the Lone Islands, loaded more provisions, and set sail within a fortnight. Repaired, the ship, which was called the Sea Hog, swiftly glided away from the Lone Islands. They had many hardships and adventures on the way back but they made it to Narnia. All the chaps that dwelled at Cair Paravel welcomed the King and his crew with open arms.  Merrily they held a feast. At the feast King Gale (although most of the Narnians still called him King Hale) told every fellow there about his adventures. 

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  1. Great story. I like the rhyming that comes in there. It catches you off guard.