Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adobe Photoshop in the Classroom

While the excitement for taking photos is high, the amazement of what you can do to the pictures in Photoshop is just as awe-inspiring.  Today I taught the students about layers.  Also, they were taught about changing the color balance and levels.  Finally, we added a vignette and layer styles.  It was quite fun.  Here are some before and afters. 


After another walk today, here are a few pictures of what we saw.  (5th & 6th graders: email me your favorite pictures from today so they can be added to the blog)


  1. WOW! Keep posting the pictures! You children made my day!

  2. That nature walk was fun! It was extra fun because we ended up at your house, and because I got some really nice pictures.

    I am going to email them soon:)

  3. I really like the top most picture ;)