Sunday, May 29, 2011

Creativity Class

Please vote for your favorite picture and comment on why it is your favorite.

#1 Playing piano

#2 Swirls of Light

#3 Gems of Light

#4 Piano

#5 Whirls

#6 Creative Flare


#8 Running in Light


#10 Trumpet


#12 Stable scene


  1. I like #1, #8, #12.
    #1 - because you can still tell it is a person and you can use it in some very creative ways.
    #8 - This one because I like that it still makes you finish the story that the picture is telling you.
    #12 - I like this one the best. Think of the possibilities of this type of storytelling and the mind blowing ways we can also portray the angels or Herod or or any other Story we would like to tell. Very well done!

  2. We like number 12
    Beth and Juanita

  3. I like all of them. Light painting looks like so much fun.

    My favorites were:
    #8 and #10 because they were so creative. You could experiment with the same idea as #10 and end up with some pretty fun pictures.

  4. I think they are all very creative. I liked #1 and #4 best, because you can use a simple picture of someone doing something and create a picture like that. Good job.

    Evan Kirk