Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Telling A Story in 7 Sentences

Today, the class wrote a story together.  I am teaching the children how to use the writing system to form creative stories.  The form is to write a complete story in 7 sentences.  This story is inspired by a photo.  Here is today's class story.

          When the shadows began to fall over the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, Herbie the    Ant and Horace the Helicopter went for an evening stroll.  Chatting amiably with each other, they suddenly spied sparkles in a cup in the sand.  Thinking it was gold, Horace shrieked, "Mine! Mine!"  Battle ensued.  Herbie's antennae shook with indignation as he spitefully spit poison.  As Horace was hit by the poison, he knocked the cup of gold into quicksand.  Despairingly the two opponents watched as the contents of the cup disappeared.  Realizing that friendship is more important than wealth, the two were soon friends again.  

What story can be written about this picture?

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