Friday, March 25, 2011

Hi Fives for I-5

Today we took a tour of I-5 Design and Manufacture. It started out just an ordinary school day, when Mr. Hill started hinting that we were going to do something out of the usual. Someone could not not resist telling the class where they thought we were going. " I-5!" he blurted, "I-5!" The class was already in suppressed excitement, and as soon as that was said, everybody started clapping and cheering. The look on the principal said it all. In five minutes all fourteen of us were piled in the trucks, and we were gone. First of all, the designer -Mr. Waters- showed us how to measure scale drawings-1"= 10'. Next the assistants showed us some blue-prints and designs they were currently working on, and how scale drawings were most important. To say the least, we were delighted when production manager Mr. O'Connor showed us into the welding and manufacturing rooms. I-5 is currently working on remodeling  a casino, and we enjoyed watching the sign letters be put together. Also, we watched the huge welding machine in action, and saw a painter working on sides from inside a metal room. We couldn't go in though. Before we left, we had a talk with an I-5 employee, and had a chance to ask some interesting questions. The tour was most exciting.

~written by Juanita Jean

                                                        Mr. Waters demonstrating for us.

                                                          Manager Mr. Williams said, "Hi."

                                                      Some things are going out to clients

                                                        Painting room- aka boiler room

                                                            Question and answer time


  1. Hi

    We always want to work on scale drawings !!
    We are seeing how math applies to working.

    Rose,Beth,and Juanita

  2. Wow! What a great field trip.