Thursday, April 28, 2011

Traveling to Narnia

We are writing Narnian stories.  The students have been asking a lot to write on missing parts of Narnia.  This week was the week.  On Monday we brainstormed about sections people could write on: Pug as a boy, how Reepicheep became leader, what would have happened if Uncle Andrew traveled back to Narnia with pieces of ships, trains..., how the dufflepuds became invisible, and Gale the king who freed the Lone Islands from a dragon.  We brainstormed for quite some time and the list seems to be endless.  I also read some stories that other students had written in the previous years.  They were inspirational.  Today they began writing their first drafts.  If you have ideas for other missing sections of Narnia, feel free to post them, they might be chosen by the students to become a story.


  1. Ideas for "missing sections" in Narnia:

    How exactly did Uncle Andrew's predecessor come across the box that began the whole story with the rings?

    The seven missing lords: a take on each story from the lords' perspectives; Did this banishment come suddenly, or were they weary of Uncle Miraz long before the overthrow of the king?

    Knowing the song from his cradle of the 'utter east', why did not Reepicheep attempt a trip with comrades years before settings sail on the Dawn Treader?

    The capture of Prince Rillian by the Green Lady- how was he captured? Did the witch bring an army of her under earth men with her to take him?

    What did Eustace tell the dragon that He, Puddleglum, and Jill met up with? Was the dragon a person turned dragon just like Eustace once was?

  2. Thank you, April for your ideas.