Monday, February 14, 2011

Indoor Activities

  When the rain is pouring and the wind howling, we stay indoors.  Usually on break times, we bowl in the classroom, play darts, Wii, color, draw or read.  With the winter months still hanging on, it looks as if we are in for many more days of indoor activities.  If you have any ideas on what my class can do, in a 15 minute slot, please comment.  Thank you.

Don't let the rain keep you inside.  Get outside (with an umbrella and a camera) take creative pictures.  The rain gives a different look to nature shots. Experiment and have fun!

Pictures from today's class will be posted tomorrow.


  1. I love rain shots. There is a lot of creativity in them.

  2. Thank you for allowing us to see what the children are seeing, the wonder of God's creation from great to small.
    The children are learning not only dictionary definitions, but the language of actual experience, which is a good start for poetry and storytelling!

    Susie W.