Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Creativity Never Ends

Why should the creativity stop at camera?  It doesn't.  In class, the students wrote haikus.  I broke them up into groups of two and gave them the goal of writing five in an hour.  The creative juices started flowing and within about 30 seconds, Clark had written one.  This sparked the others and by the end of the hour, each group had written about 13.   The video is the PowerPoint shown at the beginning of class.  Enjoy!

Like to catch small mice
Cuddly as kittens can be
Play around all day
-Jesse & Ruby

My presence is known
By a brown bump on the ground
Made by nice moist dirt
-Rose & Robyn

I slither slowly
In the darkness of the earth
Unheard and Unseen
-Tim M. & Michael

I used to be tall
But now with my top blown off
I am pretty short
-Davis & Tim K.

Silence by old pond
Green young frog jumps in water
Silence once again
-Clark & Joe

Maybe I am small
But a great bright light have I
To show the large world
-Leanne & Juanita

Pecking and scraping
Looking for food on bare ground
Oo, I spot a worm
-Beth & Anna

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