Monday, January 31, 2011

Seeing Creatively Class Photo Shoot

Today we went out and took a trip through the forest nearby.  The kids took hundreds of pictures of things they saw.  They shot from all different angles.  Enjoy! Please comment on the one you like.
































  1. 10 and 24 are my favorites. The green of the grass is so nice. And there's something about trees in a woods that makes me dream.

  2. All of them are great!

    I really liked #10 and #4. Very nice angles. I also like #1 and #14 because they have such a shallow depth of field.

    I'm so glad the students are excited about taking pictures and seeing creatively. :)

    Is there going to be a contest for the best one?


  3. Wow! I didn't realize how many fascinating pictures could be taken in those woods. My favorite five are 2, 8, 17, 23, & 24.

  4. Wonderfully done! I really liked pictures, #17, #18, & #23. The creativity of those shots is exceptional. I love the depth and coloration of those shots. Great job on the other pictures too. I have really been enjoying these posts, keep it up.

  5. I like the effect on the video that makes the pictures seem to move.
    The perspective of each shot is amazing. it definitely can cause you to see things in a new way...there's an analogy in there too!

    Thank you for teaching this,


  6. Thankyou for teaching out children to see creatively. I really like #5,8,11,17,20,23 and 24.
    It is great to see them being inspired.

  7. #5, 10,11, 24, and 27 were very nice. Good job children! Robyn

  8. I really liked 10, 11, 18 and 24, but they are all "creative"! Good Job!!

  9. Thank you all for your input. We are really enjoying the class.

  10. Wow! Those pictures are great!I liked all of them but I especially liked #1(nice shallow depth of field & nice contrast of colors)#10 (love the bright green e.c.u.w/the people in background)#14(s.d.f.and great walking feet) #17(creative subject and great angle)#18(nice macro shot)#23(great macro shot and like the color & detail of lines)#27(good combo of bright & soft greens)and my top three were #6(I liked this shot because it included others enjoying the same tree as well as it was a good photo)#24(very nice frame in a frame,draws me in deeper & deeper)and lastly #19(like the depth of field,the white birch in the foreground-I almost expect someone to peek out from behind that tree!)
    I enjoy seeing what you enjoy seeing!!!

  11. Wow!

    My Favorite ones are mine ofcourse.
    You guys are leaning alot.
    Miss Williams do you think you could put some of mine on?
    Ruby and Rose

    Ruby and Rose

  12. I like the bright green grass of #10!
    But I like how all of them have shallow depth of field where either the foreground, background or both are out of focus.
    Grace K.