Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learning to See Creatively Part 2

The students have been taking many pictures these days.  They are trying to take creative and unique angles.  Here are their pictures.
After watching the previous post, Jesse took this picture.

Tim M. took this creative shot.

Can you guess what this is? photographed by Jesse

How about this? taken by Jesse
Rose photographed this neat shot of oil in water.

Tim M. took this yummy picture.
How about this for some shallow depth of field. -photographed by Tim M.


  1. Jesse's looks like carpet and a stack of construction paper. It's fun to see creatively.

  2. Wow! Great images! Keep it up!

  3. That's exactly what I was envisioning! It's amazing how created children are.

  4. And the prize goes to Tim M. for most entries! :)
    These are great. When we first got the book and CD -"Learning to See Creatively", I spent a lot of time on the ground looking up at and under things. Maybe when the weather is nicer?

  5. Oops! Looks like Jesse did 3 shots too! Good Job!

  6. Yes, when the weather is nicer we will be going outside. There are many creative shots to get everywhere. Each day a lot of the children bring in their cameras and snap away. On Monday we will have all the entries for our class contest posted.