Thursday, May 3, 2012

Classroom Creativity

A few days ago, we were learning about the word innovation. Miss Williams started teaching by writing an odd assortment of things on the board, and asking us what they thought they could make using everything on the list. It would be a challenge. There was a sock, a swimming noodle, cardboard box, a party hat, straws, a paddle ball, clips, bouncy balls, and popsicle sticks. As we blurted out ideas, a suggestion was made that, maybe, we could qualify to buy the supplies, break into groups, and see what each group could make. Miss Williams got a funny sort of grin on her face and walked out of the room. What did she return with but enough of the supplies for four groups! So each group set about creating what they could, and everyone had a great time showing their creations to Pastor O'Connor.

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