Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Poem on Psalm 115

This poem was brought in to school written by Juanita on Psalm 115.

We do not get the glory
For the gifts of Your story
Because of truth we give it to You
Because of mercy we praise what You do.
So why should the heathen say,
"Where is their God today?"
But our God is on high
He laughs at them in the sky.
For our God does whatever He wants
and pays no heed to their scornful taunts.
Heathen's idols are silver and gold
They are made by men and to men are sold
They gave mouths and eyes
Of the right size
Ears and noses
Fat hand and toeses.
Also these idols do possess feet
And perhaps a polished seat
But none of these features even work
And by them heathens do lurk.
For whoever makes idols, 
Idols they resemble,
So do those who worship in their temples. 
Oh house of Aaron, trust not in your sword.
If you fear the Lord,
He is your shield.
So to him alone you should pray and kneel.
The Lord remembers us year round,
And makes our great bounty abound.
He blesses Israel and Aaron
So does the Rose of Sharon
If you fear Him, He blesses you,
If you're small or great ,
He blesses you too.
The Lord shall increase you more and more
Your children should be like the sand on the shore
The Lord who made heaven and earth.,
He has blessed you greatly from your birth
Both heaven and earth the Lord made.
But He lives in the heaven, and on earth men are stayed.
The dead praise not the Lord,
neither any who in silence are stored.
But will bless the Lord from this time forth
His praises shall resound from south to north
From our lips His praises hath come forth.
Yes, His praises come from south and north.

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