Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We have a goal to go snowboarding!  The students are defeating Parkinson's Law by accomplishing more work in less time, and still doing it excellently. 

Here is a writing project that they are currently working on.

The Beauty of Skiing

       Rushing down the glossy slope, white snow was falling down.  Skiers were going down, down, and down gliding, jumping, and racing.  Happily, I went over the hills and down the slopes.  Across the hills, the sun was shining and I slid happily, gracefully, and silently.  As I slid, I saw my friend who has come to a stop, and was walking up the mountain to slide yet again.  I gladly decided to take a break, and thought, "What a wonderful day this is."

Written by Leanne

For First Timers

     Snowboarding is exciting, which is why I enjoy it greatly.  As I thought I would like it my first time, I wanted to go.  But the first time I went, I lamented that I would never go snowboarding again; but I did.  In 2005, I willingly got my snowboard and gear ready and headed up to White Pass.  Although I thought it would be fun, it was tragically horrible.  I fell on my head 7 times, on the ground 3 times, and snowboarded into 3 ft. high snow drifts, but luckily I made a jump into the air.  So don't think snowboarding is only swerving gracefully and beautifully down hills.  It is hard and fun at the same time. 

Written by Michael

Have you ever been snowboarding?  Unfortunately and tragically, I have not.  But multiple sources have informed me that snowboarding is amusement to the max.  I have longed for a long time to go to the mountain, Crystal is its name.  Just imagine, flying down the bunny slope, attempting a 360, failing to land; falling down hill on downhill.  But it's only my imagination.

Written by Joe


  1. Rose said

    Those are very exciting stories. I enjoyed them so much. They're so expressive.

  2. Great stories. Joe, I hope you get to go skiing soon, it is really exhilarating. Maybe you could come with us some time. Marty or Elias are really good snowboarding teachers; however, if you want to do skiing, Rodrigo and I could teach you. Keep up the posts!